Check through the guidelines below. When you are ready click here to begin your mix.

  • Bounce all tracks to the same format. 44.1 or 48 kHz, 24 bits WAV or AIFF files are great. If you have something different, that’s OK. Just let me know.
  • Each track should be saved to its own mono or stereo file.
  • Use a consistent naming scheme for the files.
  • Provide the raw tracks without any effects processing, in particular reverb, delay, or compression. If you have a preference for any effects, please include this in your notes. If you do have any processing or effects for a track already printed we will figure out how to best to handle them.
  • All tracks should start at the same time, even for parts that come in at the end. A bar of silence at the start is helpful. Basically, this means that I should be able to load all tracks into a new project, align them to the same start time and be good to go. They can, of course, end at different times, i.e. be different lengths.
  • Do not send any tracks that you do not want in the mix.
  • Provide any notes in a text, Word, or PDF file that you include with the tracks. This could include tempo, song structure, feel, reference songs for comparison, or any production notes that think would be useful.
  • Put all track stems and your notes file into a single zip file, upload to Dropbox or similar file service and send me the link.

Check the FAQ for additional information.

Any questions just contact me.